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Kansas crops struggle to improve due to weather

Some Kansas farmers continue to have severe weather hurt their crops. The USDA says corn condition is rated 48 percent good-to-excellent with 11 percent dented. Soybeans are 44 percent good-to-excellent with 54 percent setting pods, 14 percent ahead of the average. Pasture and range conditions are... Read More.

Severe weather hurts crop conditions in Nebraska

Severe weather across parts of Nebraska continues to impact crop conditions. The USDA says corn is rated 51 percent good-to-very good. Three precent is dented. Soybeans are 56 percent good-to-excellent with 68 percent setting pods. Eighty-seven percent of winter wheat has been harvested. Pasture and range conditions... Read More.

Weather hammers wheat crop in Nebraska

A Southeast Nebraska farmer says weather took a toll on his wheat crop. Steve Wellman tells Brownfield, at best, averaging 45 bushels per acre, which isn’t good. “The winterkill – no cover during the winter from snow – it was exposed and we lost some... Read More.

Brownfield Ag Weather Today

For the remainder of the week, extreme heat will remain focused across the south-central U.S., with only slight expansion eastward into the Mississippi Delta.  The Midwest should experience mostly near- or below-normal temperatures, except for somewhat hotter conditions in the southwestern Corn Belt. ... Read More.

Weather extremes hurt Iowa crop condition ratings

Weather extremes impacted Iowa crops the last week of July. Ag Secretary Mike Naig commented on USDA’s latest crop update, saying the month ended with several days of sweltering temperatures mixed with scattered thunderstorms that produced hail, high winds, and heavy rains. Corn rated good... Read More.