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Why fair trade matters to food security

Last month India announced it was banning rice exports on non-basmati white rice.  The move, which has been called bad policy by the USA Rice Federation could destabilize rice supplies and add to food insecurity concerns in parts of the world. Bobby Hanks is... Read More.

Trade remains a top priority for cattle industry

National Cattlemen’s Beef Association vice president of government affairs Ethan Lane says the Biden administration’s new approach to global trade doesn’t work for cattle producers. “It is absolutely unconscionable that the Trade Representative to the United States, Katherine Tai, made comments in... Read More.

Hearing focuses on different trade approaches

A central Minnesota cattle producer says frustration is building with the Biden administration’s approach to trade. Don Schiefelbein says while the administration is focused on addressing unfair trade practices and worker’s rights, there are opportunities for new trade deals, including a bilateral agreement with... Read More.

Global Dairy Trade Index drops 3.3% Tuesday

The Global Dairy Trade Index fell 3.3% in Tuesday’s trading session.  Prices for all products were down, but butter and buttermilk powder took the largest fall. Buttermilk powder was down 11.4% to just $2,189 per metric ton, or $0.99 per pound. Butter was down 10.3%... Read More.