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Rains have been timely for a Nebraska producer

An eastern Nebraska cattle feeder says he was concerned crops in his part of the state weren’t going to survive another drought-plagued growing season. Buck Wehrbein tells Brownfield “Our wettest month is typically May, which was the driest on record, and now evidently, July... Read More.

Timely rain aids Tennessee crops

Timely rains in Tennessee helped in crop development and pasture recovery. Corn is rated 68% good to excellent with 71% silking and 15% in the dough stage.  Soybeans are rated 65% good to excellent with 95% of the crop emerged, 55% blooming, and 21%... Read More.

Iowa farmer says recent rains have been timely

Northwest Iowa farmer Kelly Nieuwenhuis says the 2023 growing season has been better than expected. “We’ve been pretty fortunate,” he said. “We caught some spotty rains here lately, anywhere from 2-to-3 ½ inches in our area over the last two weeks. If we avoid... Read More.

Uneven stands and timely rains

An agronomist in northwest Missouri says there are uneven corn and soybean stands as the crops advance. Erin Marlow with Cropwise Consulting tells Brownfield crop residue didn’t break down as well after last fall’s harvest due to the dry conditions. “Soybean stands had losses of... Read More.

Nebraska farmer hoping timely rains continue

South Central Nebraska farmer Don Batie says he’s concerned that timely rains may quit, and drought will intensify. “Last weekend we had an 80 percent chance very day and ended up with a whopping 80-hundreths.” He tells Brownfield drought improvement has been spotty with the... Read More.