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USDA boosts funding for grain storage program

On the day the application period closes for a USDA emergency grain storage program the agency says more money is available for producers. The USDA’s Farm Service Agency says the initial $20 million allocated for the Emergency Grain Storage Facility Assistance Program is not... Read More.

A safe storage assessment

Does your grain storage system meet your farm grain management goals? If you’re unsure – now is the time to get a Safe Storage Assessment. In this Managing for Profit, Joel Pierson, AGI’s Senior Sales Director for Digital share how evaluating your grain storage and aeration... Read More.

Red meat in cold storage down, poultry up

U.S. red meat supplies in cold storage fell sharply during May while poultry stocks swelled. That lower move for pork and beef can be linked to the official start of grilling season and generally solid demand because red meat production for the month was... Read More.

Key in forage crops and storage

A dairy nutritionist says dry weather in Wisconsin could lead to feed inventory issues later this year. Stu Rymph with Purina tells Brownfield first cutting of haylage had great quality but weeks without meaning rain is concerning. “I think we gave up some yield by... Read More.