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Tar spot found in southeastern Michigan

Tar spot has now been confirmed in Michigan. Michigan State University plant pathologist Marty Chilvers says low levels have been reported in the southeastern part of the state in Monroe County. “I’m completely not surprised, given that we’ve had rainfall events, at least the past... Read More.

Spot prices create a cheese profit opportunity

A market expert says there is an opportunity for profit in the cheese markets right now, but there’s a catch. Mike North with tells Brownfield the higher volume of cheese on the spot market through the Chicago Mercantile Exchange reflects higher inventories with... Read More.

Tar spot a concern amid 23’ drought

An extension agronomist says tar spot will be a concern this growing season despite the abnormally dry conditions. Meaghan Anderson is with Iowa State University. “We do know that this tar spot doesn’t necessarily need rainfall,” she said. “It just needs free moisture available... Read More.

Early tar spot confirmed in northern Missouri

Tar spot is showing up in Missouri earlier than usual and crop specialists are encouraging farmers to scout corn fields. Mandy Bish, a plant pathologist with University of Missouri Extension, says the fungal disease isn’t usually confirmed until late August or September. She tells... Read More.

Exports a bright spot for U.S. pork

Exports are a bright spot for the U.S. pork sector. National Pork Board vice president of international market development Courtney Knupp says recent trade data shows pork exports are up 14 percent year over year. “We anticipate that to continue (as) the world is returning... Read More.