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Corn rootworm management grows in difficulty

A crop specialist says producers need to utilize all tools in the toolbox when battling corn rootworm. Kurt Maertens, technical service representative with BASF, says it starts with crop rotation. “If we can rotate in soybeans or a forage crop once every three-to-five years,... Read More.

Corn rootworm emerges in eastern Iowa

Eastern Iowa farmer Dave Walton says he’s starting to see corn rootworm beetles in his fields. “Some of the adults I saw were still pretty light colored, so that means they probably just emerged within the last few days.” He tells Brownfield pest damage at... Read More.

In-season application tips for corn rootworm

A professor of entomology says producers should consider insecticide applications to fight against corn rootworm pressure. Bob Wright with the University of Nebraska says some growers have started spraying foliar insecticides to reduce egg-laying. “It’s really important that you time foliar insecticide properly. The... Read More.