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Rainy Red Friday Doesn’t Stop Chiefs Kingdom

By Brenna Eller   HUTCHINSON, Kan. — Fairgoers endured the stormy weather on Friday for Kansas Lottery Chiefs Red Friday at the Kansas State Fair. The day was filled with people sporting Kansas City Chiefs gear and there was a long line for the... Read More.

Red Cross: Donation Shortfall May Impact Blood Supply

$10 E-Gift Card for Donors in August By American Red Cross   KANSAS  — The American Red Cross has seen a shortfall of about 25,000 blood donations in the first two months of the summer, which makes it hard to keep hospital shelves stocked with lifesaving blood... Read More.

Red Crown Rot spreading in Illinois soybeans

A fairly new disease called Red Crown Rot is spreading in Illinois soybeans this season. Illinois Soybean Association Outreach Agronomist Stephanie Porter tells Brownfield the disease appeared in western Illinois in 2017 but is proving more aggressive this season with confirmed cases in central... Read More.

Red meat production down in June

U.S. red meat production declined during June. The USDA says production of 4.552 billion pounds was down 4% on the year, with beef falling 5% and pork 2% lower due to a slower pace of slaughter and lighter average live weights. Beef production was... Read More.

Red meat in cold storage down, poultry up

U.S. red meat supplies in cold storage fell sharply during May while poultry stocks swelled. That lower move for pork and beef can be linked to the official start of grilling season and generally solid demand because red meat production for the month was... Read More.

Life in the red

A seed advisor with Beck’s Hybrids says many crop farmers in central Missouri are turning to pivot irrigation earlier than usual due to the drought conditions. Clarissa Cauthorn tells Brownfield it’s more common to plant corn at the beginning of June than irrigate and... Read More.