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Pest pressure reports are minimal

A field crops entomologist says dry weather at the beginning of summer has likely reduced pest populations. Chris DiFonzo with Michigan State University tells Brownfield pest outbreaks have been remarkably quiet.  She points to her ongoing research on stink bugs. “This is the lowest year... Read More.

Crop disease pressure intensifies

Crop diseases are emerging throughout the Midwest. Jeff Moon with Corteva Agriscience says pressure was low early in the season because of dry conditions. “We have been seeing some of these disease conditions turn a bit and be more favorable toward diseases developing with some... Read More.

Agronomist concerned about weed pressure

An extension agronomist says weed pressure has been heavier than normal during the growing season. Iowa State University’s Meaghan Anderson says some farmers have had a tough time keeping waterhemp in check. “Now that we’ve pretty much wrapped up most of our post applications, I’ve... Read More.