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Pests showing up in Minnesota fields

It was another mostly dry week across Minnesota. USDA’s latest crop update says precipitation was limited to the northwest, which did slow down the harvest of small grains. West-central Minnesota farmer Tom Frisch tells Brownfield insect populations are increasing. “Aphids and spider mites are just starting... Read More.

Crop pests on the move

Farmers and agronomists are on the lookout for crop pests. Tony Lenz with Stine Seed Company says he’s been scouting for corn rootworm. “We’ve been digging up corn plants, so much time is being spent looking at the corn plant above ground but we really... Read More.

SD on alert for corn and soybean pests

An agronomist says South Dakota farmers should be scouting for a few pests in corn and soybean fields. Rick Swenson with Peterson Farms Seed says farmers with conventional corn should be monitoring for corn borer, an insect that burrows up through corn stalks and... Read More.