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Rep. Nunn has optimistic farm bill outlook

U.S. Congressman Zach Nunn says he’s optimistic lawmakers will finalize the 2023 Farm Bill before the end of the year. “I have asked GT Thompson, the Chairman himself, if we can get this done by September,” Nunn said. “He believes very confidently we have... Read More.

Agronomist optimistic about yields despite drought

An agronomist remains optimistic about yields, despite the very dry growing season.  B Brandon Forseth with Dairyland Seeds tells Brownfield farmers and other agronomists are pleased with how modern genetics helps crops tolerate drought.  Forseth says corn and soybean height is going to be... Read More.

Many Delta farmers optimistic about 2023 crops

A crop specialist with Helena says the growing season started off dry in the Mid-South but the weather has improved greatly and crop conditions reflect that.  AGRIntelligence Information Specialist Stephen Leininger tells Brownfield for the first time in his career there was ideal weather... Read More.

Bankers more optimistic about economy

A survey of Wisconsin bankers shows optimism about the economy.  Rose Oswald Poels with the Wisconsin Bankers Association tells Brownfield their semi-annual survey surprised her as member bankers had a more positive outlook than they did six months ago. “They do see... Read More.