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Challenges with top two corn markets

A farmer director on the U.S. Grains Council says challenges remain with two of the top markets for U.S. corn. Jay Fischer from central Missouri says Mexico is getting stricter on its ban of GMO white corn, hoping to pass a food labeling law... Read More.

CME dairy markets down Tuesday

Milk futures and cash dairy prices were lower Tuesday except for dry whey on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. August Class III milk was down $0.24 at $17.45.  September was down $0.57 at $17.53. October was down $0.53 at $17.89.  November was down $0.44 at... Read More.

Midday cash livestock markets

A few scattered bids are on the table in direct cash cattle trade, but it remains to be seen who will blink first in this trade standoff. Southern asking prices are around $180 to $182. Asking prices have not been revealed in the... Read More.

Drought impact on new and emerging markets

The drought is having a massive impact on agriculture. Compeer Financial new markets lending specialist Paul Dietmann says the scope stretches beyond traditional crop and livestock production and is being felt in direct-to-consumer markets. “Anybody who is marketing meat direct to consumers, most of them... Read More.

Nebraska expands soybean markets in Vietnam

Nebraska’s ag director says the state is expanding market access in Vietnam for soybeans and its byproducts.   Sherry Vinton tells Brownfield soybean meal and soybean oil exports are increasing. “They don’t have the landmass to grow the feed they need for their industry.... Read More.

Grain markets respond lower to USDA report

A market analyst says there were no big surprises in USDA’s report. Don Roose with U.S. Commodities says with good weather in the forecast and a negative USDA report, corn and soybean prices are trending lower. “I think analysts still want to look forward at... Read More.

Soybean markets move higher on supply scares

A market analyst says soybean markets are moving higher, responding to USDA’s report that says fewer acres were planted in the United States this year. Richard Brock with Brock Associates says soybean supplies will need to be rationed. “We’ll have to cut way back on... Read More.