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Managing forages for cattle productivity during drought

Pasture regrowth and low hay yields are a concern for cattle producers who have been battling drought this year. University of Illinois Extension Beef Specialist Travis Meteer tells Brownfield there are management practices available to help maintain cow performance. “Soybean hulls, dried distillers grains, corn... Read More.

Taking the guesswork out of managing your grain

With the currently volatility in the ag economy, farmers can’t afford to risk losing the grain stored in their bins. In this Managing for Profit, Harley Janssen, AGI’s vice president of product and operations for digital talks about today’s digital sensor technology and how it... Read More.

Managing beef herds when forages are in short supply

Two extension specialists say proper planning and management can help beef producers minimize the longer-term economic impact of drought. Purdue’s beef specialist Ron Lemenager says forages are in short supply, and farmers and ranchers will likely need to implement more intense management strategies. “Creep... Read More.

Managing weeds in dry conditions

A technical service representative with BASF says dry conditions are causing farmers to rely on post-emergence herbicides for weed control. Jared Roskamp, based in Missouri, tells Brownfield pre-emergence herbicides didn’t always activate. “That made the early strategy of weed control a little more erratic. Some... Read More.