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The life of the soybean

A recent program in Indiana hosted by the Indiana Soybean Alliance and Soybean Nutrition Institute Global provided registered dietitians with an opportunity to learn more about the life of a soybean. Sarah Alsager is with SNI Global. AUDIO: Healthy Living on soybeans ...

Real life problems

Commentary. I listen to local radio. I catch Leland Vittert’s program on News Nation in the evening when possible, but those days are few and far between because I’m rarely anywhere near a television at 6pm unless it’s dark outside. I read newspaper and magazine... Read More.

Life in the red

A seed advisor with Beck’s Hybrids says many crop farmers in central Missouri are turning to pivot irrigation earlier than usual due to the drought conditions. Clarissa Cauthorn tells Brownfield it’s more common to plant corn at the beginning of June than irrigate and... Read More.