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Cherry growers use harvest to talk issues

Cherry growers are raising labor and farm bill concerns with key state and federal officials during harvest. Head of the Cherry Marketing Institute Julie Gordon tells Brownfield a 12 percent increase in labor costs for growers using the H-2A seasonal guest worker program this... Read More.

Minimal disease issues for wheat

Disease pressure hasn’t been much of a challenge for Michigan wheat growers. Michigan State University plant pathologist Marty Chilvers tells Brownfield the lack of rain has meant a mostly disease-free season. “Across the state, there’s going be little pockets of powdery mildew—that’s a disease... Read More.

Identify pest issues by listening to plants

Entomologist Dr. Emily Bick Photo: University of Wisconsin Emily Bick develops tools and strategies supporting precision management practices for insect pest control.  She tells Brownfield microphones have long been used to study insects. “Oftentimes, these are above-ground kind of audio recordings. What... Read More.