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Red Cross: Donation Shortfall May Impact Blood Supply

$10 E-Gift Card for Donors in August By American Red Cross   KANSAS  — The American Red Cross has seen a shortfall of about 25,000 blood donations in the first two months of the summer, which makes it hard to keep hospital shelves stocked with lifesaving blood... Read More.

Drought impact on new and emerging markets

The drought is having a massive impact on agriculture. Compeer Financial new markets lending specialist Paul Dietmann says the scope stretches beyond traditional crop and livestock production and is being felt in direct-to-consumer markets. “Anybody who is marketing meat direct to consumers, most of them... Read More.

AEI considers drought impact on yields

An ag economist says corn and soybean production is not likely to mirror 2012 despite similar drought conditions this summer. David Widmar with Ag Economic Insights compared conditions for both years during the second week of July. “There are always millions of acres of crops... Read More.

Drought continues to impact Missouri crops

Drought continues to impact Missouri’s crops.  USDA reporters say topsoil and subsoil moisture levels remain very low, with 40% of the topsoil listed as very short on moisture, 35% short, and just 25% adequate with comparable subsoil moisture levels. Eighty-one percent of Missouri’s corn is... Read More.