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Soil health report cards can track progress

Michigan State University Extension educators are recommending farmers assess their soil health during weather extremes. Field crops educator Monica Jean tells Brownfield improving problem areas starts with tracking how fields are adapting to climate swings. “First we don’t have enough moisture then we have so... Read More.

Wisconsin Farm Center mental health referrals up

More farmers are reaching out for mental health assistance.  The Wisconsin Farm Center has been offering farmers connections to counseling for more than 20 years, but coordinator Karen Endres says more farmers are reaching out to them because community connections have changed. ... Read More.

Food as Health

The Food as Health Alliance, which is located at the University of Kentucky is working to bring together clinical and community research that spans agriculture, food, and health to address food insecurity and diet-related chronic disease. Program director Allison Gustafson shares how and why... Read More.

Prioritize crop health in weather extremes

The Vice-President of Agri-Services with MFA Incorporated, a Missouri-based farm cooperative, says crop health is even more important in weather extremes. Jason Weirich says while conditions are dry now in Missouri, conditions might not stay that way and diseases like common and southern rusts... Read More.

Celebrating the health benefits of chickpeas

Monday was international falafel day.  An opportunity for falafel lovers everywhere to come together and celebrate.  But it’s also an opportunity to celebrate the benefits of chickpeas or garbanzo beans which are used to make falafels. The legume is packed with protein and... Read More.