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Forage harvester innovations

Go to market manager for hay and forage Chase Milem says John Deere celebrated 50 years of forage harvesters in 2022 and the evolution of the machine continues. He tells Brownfield Deere technologies like HarvestLab and AutoTrac RowSense are helping farmers make better decisions and... Read More.

Stockpiling forage can help in drought

A regional agronomy specialist with the University of Missouri Extension says stockpiling forage can help sustain cattle through the fall and winter when there are hay shortages. Rusty Lee tells Brownfield in the next 30 days, farmers could apply nitrogen fertilizer to pasture ground... Read More.

Forage supplies are short in South Dakota

A forage specialist says the back-to-back drought years are causing a shortage of hay in South Dakota. The U.S. Drought Monitor says 78% of South Dakota is experiencing dry conditions with 5% of the state in extreme drought. Sara Bauder with South Dakota State University... Read More.

Key in forage crops and storage

A dairy nutritionist says dry weather in Wisconsin could lead to feed inventory issues later this year. Stu Rymph with Purina tells Brownfield first cutting of haylage had great quality but weeks without meaning rain is concerning. “I think we gave up some yield by... Read More.

MO forage supplies continue to move lower

Forage supplies continue to decline in Missouri due to the dry conditions. USDA’s latest Crop Progress and Condition report says supplies are 63% short to very short as hay cutting continues. Missouri’s stock water supplies are 58% adequate. Pasture conditions declined slightly in the... Read More.