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Wisconsin local food program sees early success

A new effort by the State of Wisconsin and two farm groups is helping get more locally-grown food to the people who need it. The Wisconsin Local Food Purchase Assistance Program is funded by the state’s Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection.  Forrest... Read More.

Early exposure to foods helps broaden taste

It’s no surprise that toddlers and kids can be picky eaters.  But is there a way parents can prevent kids from only wanting peanut butter and Jelly, Chicken nuggets, or French fries for every meal? Kristen Hicks-Roof with the National Pork Board says exposure... Read More.

Drought bringing early soybean diseases

A plant pathologist with the University of Missouri Extension says a few soil-borne soybean diseases are being confirmed. Mandy Bish tells Brownfield charcoal rot is showing up early in Missouri because of the drought. She says fungicides aren’t an option to manage the disease... Read More.

Early tar spot confirmed in northern Missouri

Tar spot is showing up in Missouri earlier than usual and crop specialists are encouraging farmers to scout corn fields. Mandy Bish, a plant pathologist with University of Missouri Extension, says the fungal disease isn’t usually confirmed until late August or September. She tells... Read More.

Soybeans can handle an early drought

Michigan State University researchers say the first three months of this year were the wettest on record for the state and that’s helping crops survive the current drought. Thumb area farmer Jeff Krohn tells Brownfield aside from wheat, his crops are faring ok. “It forces... Read More.