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Dry to wet wheat pulls through

A Michigan farmer says he’s surprised how well his wheat held up this year with weather extremes. Sanilac County’s Dennis Gardner tells Brownfield his farm received about 10 inches of rain the past two weeks. “The tile was definitely running, and I had to turn... Read More.

Most Wisconsin crops remain dry

Scattered rains brought little relief to Wisconsin crops last week.  USDA statistician Greg Bussler says there were reports of severe weather damaging crops in northwestern Wisconsin with some fields being a total loss.  One of those storms centered in Barron County included large... Read More.

Dry conditions continue to affect MO crops

Cooler than usual temperatures and mostly dry conditions have been present while Missouri’s corn goes through the early reproductive stages of growth. USDA’s Weekly Crop Progress report says temperatures the first full week of July averaged 75 degrees for Missouri, about two degrees below... Read More.

Minnesota crops hanging on in dry conditions

Minnesota farmers remain concerned about the lack of rain.  USDA reporters say topsoil moisture is 10% very short, 36% short, and only 51% adequate with similar subsoil measurements. Minnesota’s corn is starting to silk about three days ahead of average with 3% of the... Read More.