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Breeding for drought tolerant crops

A plant breeder says a changing climate has underscored the need to research more regenerative ag traits. Michael Kovach with Bayer Crop Science tells Brownfield recent drought in the Midwest will be beneficial from a research and development standpoint. He recalls the selection... Read More.

Drought carries over into August

A state climatologist says drought is improving in portions of the Corn Belt and worsening in others as August begins. Brian Fuchs with the National Drought Mitigation Center tells Brownfield the U.S. Drought Monitor shows improved dryness on in the Eastern Corn Belt in... Read More.

Severe drought continues in eastern Iowa

East-central Iowa farmer Dallas Tomlinson says drought persists on his farm and it’s having an impact on crop conditions. “Right at the moment we are at that pivotal time when we need a drink and it’s kind of crunch time right now.” He tells Brownfield... Read More.

No-till beans struggling through drought

A no-till farmer says he’s concerned this season will deter farmers from continuing some conservation practices. Central Ohio farmer Tim Norris tells Brownfield “I think we need to be careful about making decisions just right on one particular season, and, we’ve all seen no-till... Read More.

Drought impact on new and emerging markets

The drought is having a massive impact on agriculture. Compeer Financial new markets lending specialist Paul Dietmann says the scope stretches beyond traditional crop and livestock production and is being felt in direct-to-consumer markets. “Anybody who is marketing meat direct to consumers, most of them... Read More.

Drought expected to wane in Missouri

A meteorologist says that drought conditions in Missouri are improving, and the long-term forecast calls for above-average rain. During the Drought Assessment Committee meeting Tuesday, Jared Maples with the National Weather Service said recent rains have alleviated drought conditions in parts of the state. “Looking... Read More.

AEI considers drought impact on yields

An ag economist says corn and soybean production is not likely to mirror 2012 despite similar drought conditions this summer. David Widmar with Ag Economic Insights compared conditions for both years during the second week of July. “There are always millions of acres of crops... Read More.