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Aphids appearing in Iowa corn fields

Some Midwest farmers are finding aphids in corn fields. Iowa State University Extension entomologist Erin Hodgson says reports of the pest started coming in a couple of weeks ago. “We can have a couple different species infesting corn, and you can have multiple species infesting... Read More.

Is it too late to apply nitrogen to corn?

Several farmers have been applying nitrogen to corn recently after plants showed signs of nitrogen deficiency, but University of Wisconsin corn specialist Joe Lauer says the real problem might be the lack of moisture and fertilizing too late could be a waste of... Read More.

Challenges with top two corn markets

A farmer director on the U.S. Grains Council says challenges remain with two of the top markets for U.S. corn. Jay Fischer from central Missouri says Mexico is getting stricter on its ban of GMO white corn, hoping to pass a food labeling law... Read More.

Rains aren’t enough for some MO corn

A farmer from central Missouri says the early August rains were too late to save the corn. “They always say rain makes grain, but 2.5 inches isn’t enough to make a corn crop.” Jay Fischer in Callaway County tells Brownfield the corn looks sad on... Read More.