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A smart buy for consumers

If consumers are looking for a protein that packs a nutritious punch and is budget friendly – pork is a great option.  Steve Martin with Alliance for the Future of Agriculture in Nebraska says there are several reasons why. AUDIO: Healthy Living on pork

A shift in consumers

For as long as far back as many can remember Baby Boomers and Generation X’ers were the main spending demographic in the United States. Lance Zimmerman senior animal protein analyst with Rabobank says post-COVID-19 pandemic – that has changed. AUDIO: Healthy Living on consumer shift

Consumers all over the world enjoy US beef

US beef producers not only supply high-quality beef to consumers in the US, but around the world.  Nebraska beef producer Jacklyn Wilson was in the Bahamas for a conference and shares the impact the US beef industry has around the world. AUDIO: Healthy Living... Read More.