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Private property rights a concern in SD

The president of the American Farm Bureau Federation says private property rights for farmers and ranchers continue to be challenged across the country. Zippy Duvall tells Brownfield using eminent domain to build carbon pipelines or other energy projects is the wrong approach. “I’ve heard a... Read More.

Tar spot a concern amid 23’ drought

An extension agronomist says tar spot will be a concern this growing season despite the abnormally dry conditions. Meaghan Anderson is with Iowa State University. “We do know that this tar spot doesn’t necessarily need rainfall,” she said. “It just needs free moisture available... Read More.

U.S. debt default a concern for NE farmer

A southeast Nebraska farmer says he’s concerned about the consequences for agriculture if the U.S. government defaults on its debt. Nathan Dorn tells Brownfield Social Security will be at risk. “If the U.S. defaults, that’s one of the first people who may not get... Read More.