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Cattle futures higher to end the week

At the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, live and feeder cattle were higher waiting for direct business to develop.  October live cattle closed $1.60 higher at $182.90 and December live cattle closed $1.50 higher at $187.05.  September feeder cattle closed $1.80 higher at $253.45 and... Read More.

Cattle producers want certainty in the tax code

The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association wants a federal estate tax code that promotes the continuation of family-owned businesses and protects America’s farmers and ranchers.  Kent Bacus, NCBA executive director, government affairs, says the current relief is set to expire in 2025. “When we... Read More.

Live cattle futures mixed, feeders higher

Chicago Mercantile Exchange live cattle futures were mixed and feeders were up, watching corn and waiting for the week’s direct business to develop. August live was down $.62 at $178.05 and October was $.45 lower at $179.50. August feeders were up $.45 at... Read More.

Cattle prices encouraging dairy culling

A dairy economist says higher cattle prices have helped motivate dairy farmers to reduce their cow herds. Vice President of Global Operations and Insights Alyssa Badger with Highground Dairy tells Brownfield U.S. milk production declines showed up earlier than expected in USDA’s latest report. “Farmers... Read More.